Allied Wallet’s Dr. Andy Khawaja is honored with WWBR’s CEO of the Year

CEO of  Allied Wallet, Dr. Andy Khawaja is inspiring young generations. His award winning stint as a global payment services provider with the inclusion of mobile and prepaid card services in the online payment mechanism has motivated one and all. 

His contribution has earned him the prestigious CEO of the year for Worldwide Business Review’s cover page. 

There has been no looking back for Allied Wallet after tasting multi-billion-dollar success when the last few years have been considered. The ever growing success ratio could only be possible with highly inspiring, motivated and dedicated CEO, Dr. Andy Khawaja. He is the sole reason for binding his team with high aspirations and constantly providing a sense of motivation, insights and amenities for his team and customers including the merchant’s customers for creating a lively, happy and ever increasing, satisfied family base

The name speaks of comfort – Allied Wallet

Dr. Khawaja views the importance of comfort while working with staff.  It is not without a reason where Allied Wallet has the credit of been adjudged as one of the best and favored companies to work, grow and prosper globally. Dr. Khawaja doesn’t boast about how positive work environment can lead to far greater success as a team. He knows to create best solutions for his clients in the fast competitive global arena. He rightly says about how right degree of team coordination can systematically lead it towards a fruitful and maximum output. He also says that the team has to work with a positive approach and there shouldn’t be any sort of mis-communication or grudge against members, as it will only lead to negativity and hatred. 

Dr. Andy Khawaja : The man with inspirations

When it was enquired about how Dr. Khawaja views the designation as a CEO, he told WWBR,  that it creates more responsibilities with systematic planning and implementation. He further says that along with them, their merchants are also growing and that’s the togetherness which matters the most. 

The merchants should have absolutely no doubt or queries regarding the reliability and safety of the services being offered. He feels contend when he is able to provide for the consumers, his team and for himself as well. He also knows the importance of how earning the tag of being CEO makes him more responsible and dutiful. Yes, he further says that the way Allied Wallet has come so far, is only because of the dedication and hardwork and that he is fully determined to work likewise for the times to come. (read also : Allied Wallet CEO Andy Khawaja Discusses about Accepting International Payments Online in “The Boss” )

The success has earned him reach so far and he will continue to strive even more to continue to this never ending journey of providing the best of services and constantly leading the name amidst the ever increasing competitive world. He also thanks his team for the support he has got which has been such a backbone for them and that has also earned him the recognition of the Top CEO globally. 

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