Allied Wallet’s CEO Andy Khawaja: Attempting to Bridge Border in New Forbes Article


Allied Wallet’s CEO, Dr. Andy Khawaja is popular for providing mainstream online payment processing, globally. He is a leading provider of online payment services. In a Forbes article, it was featured that encouraged, for promoting sales of Business owners more in quantity, through international e-commerce. In the Forbes article, titled, “How To Cater Your E-Commerce Business To A Global Audience”, published under Dr. Andy Khawaja, talked about some issues related to international trade. This trade was witnessed in the year 2018 and he also talked about the tariffs that were imposed at that time. It was stated in this article, released by Forbes, that in August, “It was said by the Business Insider that the total amount yielded by goods taxed between the United States and China had risen to $106 billion and the trade war between these two nations will be further escalated

Business Insider Report on Allied Wallet

According to the report released by Business Insider, the United States is making ready its tariff on another amount of $200 billion of Chinese goods. The report also revealed that more than 50% of Chinese goods that are imported to the United States will be subjected to tariffs. These are the tariffs that go through. After all this Dr. Andy Khawaja said that these issues were out of control for them and the only thing they could do is to bridge the borders with international trade. This needs to be done in any condition, even if the international trade persisted. He further added that anyone does not have any control over tariffs of their respective countries’ subsequent trade foods. However, we can consider ourselves to be living in a day and age, where people are actually connected to the internet. Therefore it could be considered about expanding the business across all nations via each and every dialect.

Dr. Andy Khawaja: A seasoned Expert of Allied Wallet

Allied Wallet is one of the most successful Payment industry. This fact makes it evident that Dr. Andy Khawaja is an Expert in the field of the global e-commerce industry. He has been working for the welfare of industry for a long time. He encourages the Owner of businesses to offer their products and services on a global scale. He also provides tips and tricks to the aspirant who wishes to get success in the global marketplace field and take advantage of it.

Dr. Andy Khawaja gave tips on Forbes, where he catered to the audience in this interview globally. He revealed many ideas about social media and influencers and also about globalizing the website. He mentioned some logics that put some great impact, in the business sector, on the improvement of customer’s experience in a better way. He added that Customer and entrepreneur will be benefited only after opening eCommerce borders. He concludes by saying that they would open up their companies across the company’s border in order to become successful.

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