Allied Wallet’s Andy Khawaja – TMT’s CEO of the Year

Allied Wallet’s Andy Khawaja - TMT’s CEO of the Year
Allied Wallet’s Andy Khawaja – TMT’s CEO of the Year

Dr. Andy Khawaja, the CEO of Allied Wallet is basically a global leading provider of mainstream online payment processing. He was recently featured on the cover of TMT magazine as CEO of the Year in an article that was titled as the “Experts in e-Commerce.” There are several factors and qualities that determine the shape of a great CEO, let alone the CEO of the Year. The TMT sat down with Dr. Andy Khawaja for an intimate look to make out how he runs his business, what he believes are essential qualities for a good CEO, and even to discuss the role a CEO plays in the innovation of a ‘fintech company’. The CEO had always been a popular figure in the industry and definitely, he has inspired quite a lot of people, particularly the young entrepreneurs to start up their business and thus, do good with it. 

Dr Andy Khawaja: Known for his leadership qualities

The leadership roles of a CEO are not just found in the business, but they are also portrayed along the innovation aspects. A leader is the one who does good to the empire, and thus, make sure that his team is learning things in the process. He would not just be concerned about his terms in profit, but would also make sure that the organization culture is retained and all his employees are working in harmony. It is importantly for a CEO to invest in his talented team, as well as, to pay attention to the impact that the business has on its employees and its customers. He further believes in helping his team so that they may help others. A CEO should always count the efforts of the team and not just an individual for at the end of the day, it is the joint hard work that contributes in the growth of the overall business, and thus, the organization.

Allied Wallet: Hardship and struggle

Dr. Andy Khawaja said, “I give these young entrepreneurs hope to grow and build an empire, and the chance for them to be something in this world.” He also says, “…I want to be the one walking in that dark tunnel with the torch in my hand and say, ‘Follow me to success, and I will lead you.'” Further, Dr. Khawaja is not an unknown to hardship and struggle. He even says that it is all because of continuous hard work and dedication that they could reach to the level that Allied Wallet is today. He is a firm believer in learning from experiences and triumph through perseverance. Probably, this is the reason for which we say that Dr. Khawaja has become such a successful leader and TMT’s ‘CEO of the Year.’ He added on to it saying that his zeal of innovating something new every time and not giving up is certainly the secret to his success.

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