Allied Wallet: Sponsored Football Star Team Charity

The CEO of Allied Wallet, Dr Andy Khawaja has made it possible and the company has grown up so high to become a global leading provider in the field of online credit card processing. It has been into the business for quite some time now, and it has successfully achieved a good name in the industry as well. However, the organisation has not waste of the pic of success in just a night but it is only because of the hard work and dedication of the team that has helped the organization go this far! Allied Wallet continues to make advances in the field of technology so as to help the merchants flourisg all across the world. Besides, it takes care that the customer base of Allied Wallet is no way bothered about the security of their transactions. He further said that the new entrepreneurs should be having enough patience to reach the position where they belong to! 

Andy Khawaja:  Star Team Charity

Allied Wallet is one of the main sponsors for Star Team Charity in a celebrity football game held in Monaco. The World Stars Football March took place between the two sides, one was the Star Team MC and the other one is the Formula 1 Drivers Team. The match would even feature names such as the Claudi Ranieri, Felipe Massa, Max Verstappen, Prince Albert of Monaco and Fernando Alonso. The major purpose of the Star Team is to collect the funds for the Monaco Charity Associations. The main mossion of the team is to help the underprivileged children all over the globe. Alongside, the Star Team is being recognised by the Monegasque Government in the name of a sports association. This is intended to assist the children all over the world for conducting 50+ events. 

Allied Wallet and Dr Andy Khawaja encouraging the youth

Dr Andy Khawaja, the CEO of Allied Wallet is influencing the customers and merchants all across the globe bye figuring out the mission of the organisation by sponsoring different kinds of events that are intended to protect the youth. The main motif of this event is to influence the young minds and help the aspiring entrepreneurs. One of these events is the Action Innocence that was held in Geneva in Switzerland. He even says that he is happy to declare that the society has given him so much and the fact that he now wants to give it back. He even said that the kids are going to be our future, and thus, it is our responsibility to stand by them. We should be the voice fot the underprivileged children who aren’t able to utter a word. He was very prompt to announce that it is important for all of us to come together and help these underprivileged kids so that they do not stay devoid of any opportunities. Certainly, it is only because of sponsors like Allied Wallet and Hublot that such campaigns become successful.

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