Allied Wallet CEO Andy Khawaja in London Technology Featuring an Interview

andy khawaja
andy khawaja

The digital payments industry is huge and has grown immensely over the years. It is only because of the digital payments industry that has helped other businesses to grow. Allied Wallet has become a famous name in this sector. Dr Andy Khawaja says that the biggest trouble that most of the merchants had to face was related to the transactions. Goods have always been exchanged in terms of money, and Allied Wallet made things possible. In MediaPlanet’s London Technology, Andy Khawaja seems to discuss the current state of his e-commerce merchant services. He further talks about payment processing solutions company, Allied Wallet, and how the company is built with the sight of making safer transactions so that people do not have to worry about making easy transactions. He also gave his valuable opinions on the fintech industry and thus, considers London as a global tech hub.

Andy Khawaja: Motivating young entrepreneurs

In Andy Khawaja’s interview, he revealed his motivation for starting the business, and that’s the only reason for which he could make it such a success. He even talked about the challenges that he faced in bringing his dreams into a reality. Andy Khawaja said in an interview with the London Technology, “I didn’t see anything that made [the internet] easy and secure for consumers to conduct online transactions using credit cards or other types of payment. That gave me the motivation to build the technology to make it happen.” He, thus said, that it is essential to have faith and belief on the young entrepreneurs who have got similar dreams to his! It is only because of Allied Wallet that the company has grown through such success. Andy Khawaja says that he knows how much struggle it takes to build an empire and thus, he would love to give chance to the young entrepreneurs so that they are able to turn their dreams into a source of income, and thus, make a position for themselves in the industry.

Andy Khawaja Inspiring the young brains

Andy Khawaja’s interview is very positive all throughout. He took a session and it was filled with good vibes. Andy Khawaja is as inspired himself as he is inspiring. Also, he continues to maintain excitement for what is to come, and thus, went on saying that he has got a lot of things in his store and he would be extremely happy to share them with all. He is excited to see how the future of the company awaits!

Andy Khawaja said that technology is all about being creative. Hence, the moment when you come up with a great idea, you should not put it off. He further said that there are lots of young, talented and smart international entrepreneurs, and he would love to give them the chance so that these people can change the world. He would always inspire young brains to pop up with new ideas.

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