Allied Wallet CEO Andy Khawaja Discusses about Accepting International Payments Online in “The Boss”

Allied Wallet CEO Andy Khawaja Discusses about Accepting International Payments Online in “The Boss”

In Start Your Business Magazine, Dr Andy Khawaja discusses the current state of the global e-commerce market. He also talks about the ongoing success of his company Allied Wallet. It is a popular international service for accepting payments online, in an article that was entitled as “The Boss.” Dr Andy Khawaja is a world-renowned entrepreneur and CEO of the Allied Wallet. He is a globally leading provider of online credit card processing. He also talks about the multi-currency merchant services, and that the Allied Wallet is a PCI Level 1 secured payment gateway. In simple terms, the Allied Wallet enables different websites and mobile devices to accept payments; however, the industry is anything but simple.

Allied Wallet: Accepting payments beyond domestic borders

Andy Khawaja discusses the unique business practices that Allied Wallet focuses upon, and also about the considerations that must be accounted for when accepting payments online beyond the domestic borders. Allied Wallet believes it in the early days of e-commerce, that educating people was the key. “It was difficult to walk into meetings knowing that a bank was so behind from a technical perspective, so part of the pitch involved educating them on systems and protocol…” said Andy Khawaja. Certainly, the bank was much behind and thus, Allied Wallet had to teach about the functionality of the system to the public in order to be able to access the payment platform. Taking the e-commerce international, there was a lot of things including that of partnering with banks to process transactions, and securing the solution was no easy feat. However, it is only because of Andy Khawaja’s dedication and passion are clearly what drove the company to success.

Allied Wallet’s success is driven by the hard work of its CEO

Dr Andy Khawaja said that “While other CEOs are enjoying golf and buying yachts, I’m flying around the world to ensure that Allied Wallet remains at the forefront of card payment technology.” He even said, “I won’t rest until I have changed the concept of e-commerce transactions. We have developed such a simple yet intelligent system that can be adapted safely and securely, until people recognize this, I won’t rest.”

“The Boss” will be leading the company towards continued prosperity with its prime focus on regions such as that of Brazil, India, and China. It was all based upon his bright and intuitive leadership that Andy Khawaja could be on his way to another Entrepreneur of the Year award. Nevertheless, Allied Wallet has always been focused upon driving the interests of the employees and thus, helping them to combat all the odds and win over them. Hence, he used to participate with his team members to make sure that they are comfortable at the work place. In order to keep a note of all these aspects which might seem to be easy enough and menial for anyone, it is essential to understand that it is the task of a CEO to make sure that all things are in track. 

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