Allied Wallet acquires Hong Kong based E-payment company

It is said that reputation is earned over a period of time by constantly offering great services and the perfect example for the same can be that of Allied Wallet. Yes, it has earned the position as a renowned FinTech company in the world which offers top notch payment solutions in 196+ countries. 

The news gains significance after Allied Wallet’s announcement of acquiring Epayment has come to the fore. Let’s know more about the following:-

What is Epayment?

Epayment is a financial technology company based in Hong Kong and it has one of the massive bases in the country. Allied Wallet has been constantly proving itself by offering awesome services in the digital payments industry along with the Fintech space. There has been even a massive expansion with regards to the past year with the inclusion of Malaysia, Indonesia, Spain, Peru, Vietnam and the list is counting. The objective is to create an easy and secure payment method globally. 

Allied Wallet acquires E-payment 

Allied Wallet knows the immense importance of upgrading itself for better security and safety. As per its motto, Allied Motors is dedicated to create everlasting best services, like no other. Likewise, the presence of E-payment is a reflection and testimony of its futuristic thinking by constantly offering the best of services, as a successful firm in Hong Kong. 

The CEO of Allied Wallet Andy Khawaja knows the value of Epayment which has a powerful base in the country and as Allied Wallet acquires it, it will benefit people by and large in terms of better services.

The founder of Allied Wallet, Dr. Ahmad Khawaja also echoes the same view, that Epayment has carved a niche for itself in Hong Kong and there is no looking back.

 He is also pleasantly surprised about the way Epayment has already developed close connections with its ever increasing base of users. He offers a far sighted approach where he knows how three aspects in terms of ‘products’, ‘features’ and ‘functionality’ of Allied Wallet with Epayment can systematically be a boon for the growth which will benefit the consumers by and large. He is upbeat by acquiring Epayment as this leads towards delivering better products and services in Hong Kong. He is also going to constantly monitor and update the system for ensuring fool proof safety and security which will surely create a favorable change for the people of Hong Kong. 

Allied Wallet – Another name for safety and security

Hong Kong has a high percentage of internet users with 86.3%. Hence, considering the mammoth number, their accessibility towards various e-commerce platforms is even obvious. So, there is a large scope for business. However, the country has always been in search for a safe payment method which could bring tension free and easy transactions for a more frequent and obvious approach. Allied Wallet has raised the hopes and aspirations by removing the associated troubles. Considering as a leading FinTech company in Honk Kong and globally, it is constantly improving and updating itself for a futuristic approach where readers can expect further new and enhanced features in the times to come. 

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