To All The Boys 4

All You Need To Know About To All The Boys 4

There will be a release date for the 4th book of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. But if things change, it will be a long time before we know when that will happen. Fans will need to wait for the next book or idea before they can make plans for another movie. The first film in the series, “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before,” came out on August 17, 2018. The second movie in the series, “To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You,” appeared on Netflix on February 12, 2020. The third book in the trilogy came out on February 12, 2021. We don’t know when the fourth book will come out.

What is the plot of all the boys 4?

Lara Jean Covey takes a trip to Seoul for spring break. Her mom loved her dad and left a lock on a bridge, so she went to find the lock. Finally, she reads the message. It says, “for the rest of my life.” After reading it, she tells her boyfriend that they never had a meet-cute. He is surprised because he remembers their first meeting very well. She thinks she will be able to attend college with Peter if she gets into Stanford University. Dan and his girlfriend Trina are getting married. But when Lara Jean applied to school, she was rejected from her first choice of college.

Lara Jean wanted to live close to her boyfriend, Peter. But she went on a school trip and liked New York City. She told Peter about it, and he got sad because they were going to be far away from each other. So he broke up with her on prom night so that they didn’t have to break up later. Peter respected Lara Jean’s wishes and did not go to the wedding. He also met with his father again, even though he had not been around in a long time. At a party, he met up with Kitty, and they planned to have a meeting with Lara Jean at the wedding tent.

To All The Boys 4 Needs A Time Jump To End Lara Jean & Peter's Story
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Lara Jean finds a letter in her yearbook from Peter with his account of how they first met. He also wrote a contract to always love each other, even though he lives in California and she lives in New York. When Peter comes back, Lara Jean happily signs the paper. The film ends with Lara Jean realizing that she wants to be with Peter, even though they live far away from one another. She hopes that the distance will give them a chance to write more love letters to each other.

Who will be starring in all the boys 4?

  • Lana Condor as Lara Jean, a high school student and Peter’s girlfriend
  • Noah Centineo as Peter, Lara Jean’s boyfriend and a popular lacrosse player
  • Janel Parrish as Margot, Lara Jean’s mature and responsible older sister who goes to college in Scotland
  • Anna Cathcart as Kitty, Lara Jean’s playful little sister who got her and Peter together
  • John Corbett as Dr. Covey, Lara Jean’s kind and somewhat protective father
  • Sarayu Blue as Trina Rothschild, the Covey’s friendly neighbor who develops a budding romance with Lara Jean’s dad
  • Madeleine Arthur as Christine, Gen’s cousin and Lara Jean’s best friend (who goes by “Chris”)
  • Ross Butler as Trevor, Peter and Lara Jean’s good friend and Chris’ on-and-off boyfriend
  • EmilijaBaranac as Genevieve, a pretty and popular girl who is Peter’s ex-girlfriend, and Lara Jean’s best-friend-turned-rival (who goes by “Gen”)
  • TrezzoMahoro as Lucas, Lara Jean’s gay and amiable friend as well as one of her former love-interests
  • KelceyMawema as Emily, Gen’s friend
  • Sofia Black-D’Elia as Heather
  • Henry Thomas as Mr. Kavinsky, Peter’s father

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