the rising of the shiel hero season 2

All You Need To Know About Season 2 of The Rising Of The Shield Hero

The Rising of The Shield Hero Season 2 is finally here! If you are wondering when Season 2 will be released, then read on to find out about it.

What is the release date of the rising of the

shield hero season 2?

It took a long time for the date of “The Rising of the Shield Hero’s” release to be revealed. But it did not take long for a Season 2 or 3 confirmation. Anime News Network has said that there will be seasons 2 and 3 of the anime. We do not yet know when they will come for either season. Then, at Crunchyroll’s 2020 Virtual Expo, they announced that Season 2 would be coming out in 2021.

The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Confirms 2021 Release with New  Trailer

March of this year, the release date window narrowed even more thanks to Kadokawa Expo 2020. Season 2 is slated for release in October 2021. Crunchyroll will stream the show in October. It was confirmed by this tweet. But then later, Crunchyroll said that the show would come out in 2022. People were angry because now they have to wait a long time.

As of July 2021, that was the latest. The first season is airing now. It started on January 9, 2019. It will end on June 26, 2019, with 25 episodes total. At the Crunchyroll Expo in 2019, they announced that there would be a second and third season of The Rising of The Shield Hero airing in 2021.

What is the plot of the rising of the shield

hero season2?

The Rising of the Shield Hero does not have an official plot synopsis. But the trailer for Season 2 seems to include what happened in Season 1. In the Season 1 finale for the show, Glass, a hero just like Naofumi and who come from another world, fights against him. She reveals that she believes that the Cardinal Heroes and Waves are connected somehow. She will stop the monsters by destroying the Cardinal Heroes. It is safe to say that we might see her in Season 2.

There are probably going to be more new characters in Season 2 of the Rising of the Shield Hero. The story will focus on Naofumi Iwatani, who was called into another world along with three other young men from other worlds. The world’s Cardinal Heroes are fighting with the inter-dimensional gang of monsters. They were going to get more of Naofumi Iwatani and his friends in the new season. They are going to try to save the world together.

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