Aetna Foundation Awards The Family League Of Baltimore A $50,000 Grant For Combating Postpartum Depression

The $50,000 grant from the Aetna Foundation will allow for an expansion of the B’More Fit program, a community-based fitness and nutrition program. The program will help both postpartum women and their families overcome the difficulties of postpartum depression.The funding will allow the B’More Fit program to extend enrollment to 100 new people and 10,000 more through community events and health fairs.

B’More for Healthy Babies, established in 2009, is a public and private partnership led by the Family League of Baltimore, Baltimore City Health Department and other organizations. B’More Fit is an initiative of B’More for Healthy Babies, which was designed to reduce the infant mortality rate in Baltimore.

B’More for Health Babies has been very successful, with a 38 percent decline in infant mortality, since it began. B’More Fit predominately serves low-income Latina and African-American women living in Baltimore.

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