According To A New Study Older Mothers Are More Likely To Raise Children With Fewer Behavioral Problems


According to a study, published in the European Journal of Developmental Psychology, older mothers have a tendency to be more educated and have more resources and wealth, along with more stable relationships.

The new study, led by researchers at Aarhus University in Denmark, suggests older moms tend to raise children with fewer social, emotional and behavioral problems, because they are less likely to punish and scold them. The findings were based on data from 4,700 Danish mothers, which showed the average age at pregnancy being about 31 in 2015. This means today, most Danish mothers are giving birth over the age of 30.


Study Shows Older Mothers Have Children With Less Behavioral Problems

“We know that people become more mentally flexible with age, are more tolerant of other people and thrive better emotionally themselves,” researcher Dion Sommer said in a university news release.

“That’s why psychological maturity may explain why older mothers do not scold and physically discipline their children as much,” he added.

Women over the age of 35 face many obstacles when trying to conceive. The fertility rate begins to gradually decline at the age of 30 and even more so at 35. As the woman gets older, the risks of ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, birth defects and preterm birth increase. This is why experts are encouraging women to have children before the age of 30.

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