A Weekend in Maryland: 10 Ideas for Students

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Exploring Maryland’s history, you will definitely see that the local air has always been saturated with the rebellious spirit. The inhabitants of the state fought against a lot of things: from the “prohibition” and the stamp duty up to the meetings for religious tolerance and their own constitution. No wonder Maryland is often referred to as the “Free State.”

Indeed, it has quite an interesting history since Maryland is one of the thirteen states that founded the country. Today, on the Atlantic coast, there are several resort areas, wonderful towns, and plenty of attractions. There’s actually a lot to do here, so if you want to spend a weekend in Maryland, read on!

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  1. Feel The Mystery Of Baltimore

The largest city of the state (and also the port) is the birthplace of Edgar Allan Poe. His house is still preserved here. In fact, the city had a symbolic meaning for the author: Poe began writing stories in Baltimore, married here, and also died on these lands. Visiting his grave, one can notice a raven on a tombstone which is the hero of the well-known poem.

But most importantly, a gloomy tradition draws the attention of Poe’s fans from all over the world. The writer’s birthday takes place on January 19. And that’s exactly when a man in a dark coat and black hat leaves red roses and half a bottle of cognac on Poe’s grave.

The ritual dates back to 1949, a hundred years after the writer’s death, and since then, it has been repeated every year. A stranger approaches Poe’s grave and makes a toast. A secret admirer always wears the same clothes, and his face is hidden by a scarf or hood.

So, who usually gathers by Poe’s grave then? Several reporters and admirers of his work, of course. Are you one? Think of joining the whole process. 

  1. Enjoy Inner Harbor

Inner Harbor is Baltimore’s hallmark, without a doubt. The city is quite proud of it since a whole flotilla of ships moored on its piers. All of them are open for tours. Plus, there are many museums, restaurants, and shops in the area.

Moreover, why not attend Baltimore’s National Aquarium? You will see a dolphin show and admire a huge collection of fish, jellyfish, and shells.

And here’s some good news for Italy lovers! You can take a water taxi from the harbor right to Baltimore’s Little Italy neighborhood. Given that many representatives of the Italian community still live here, the choice of restaurants and cafes is quite huge.

  1. Reboot on the Beach in Ocean City

The 25 km long sandy beach is the first thing you should know about the small resort town. Your to-do list here will include trying various water sports, visiting amusement parks, and winding down. You’ll also enjoy the boardwalk, a 5-kilometer pedestrian promenade with great cafes.

  1. See the Naval Academy in Annapolis

You are probably aware of the fact that Annapolis is the state capital. But do you remember that it was the capital of the colony once? Now, it is a quiet place with good-looking mansions dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries. 

One of the city’s main attractions is the US Naval Academy. It symbolizes all the prestige of the country’s naval forces and allows you to feel the rich history of the entire American fleet.

  1. Go Fishing in the Ocean Pines

Is water your main source of energy? Well, come to Ocean Pines then! It’s surely less crowded than the popular Ocean City. You need to drive a little further to reach the beaches, but this is a perfect place for fishing enthusiasts.

  1. Admire the Assateague’s Wild Horses

Did you dream of a simple life in the prairie after watching the animation classic Spirit? Then, we know the location you will certainly fall in love with! Unfortunately, the list of places where horses roam freely and wildly isn’t long, but luckily, Assateague Island is one of them. A population of wild horses lives along the coastal land. Watching them, you will certainly be in awe, just like us.

  1. Watch the Sunset Near the Chesapeake City Bridge

There are several beautiful bridges in Maryland, and one of them is in Chesapeake City. It has a rather small population, which will surely please you if you are tired of the rush and the crowd. There are incredibly romantic sunsets for those who are looking for peaceful vibes.

You can also visit the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge. Indeed, it’s a fantastic place for birdwatching, especially during the migration season in November.

  1. Become a Foodie in the City of Frederick

Lovers of delicious food should certainly go to the city of Frederick. It’s known for being a world-class restaurant district and the best chefs working in the historic center of the city. 

While in Frederick, take a stroll to see the historic churches. Among other destinations, there are the National Museum of Civil War Medicine and two Civil War battlefields.

  1. Time Travel in Boonsboro

Those interested in Civil War history must visit the city of Boonsboro. Back in 1792, it was founded by Daniel Boone’s cousins, George and William. The tourists’ beloved places are Main Street and Bowman’s log house. 

  1. Imagine You Are a Small Town Resident in Rock Hall

When thinking about Maryland, the first association one probably has is maritime culture. And the seaside town of Rock Hall is the best place to experience it. Fishing and boating are simply the way of life here. Shining harbor, boats, sunsets, and sunrises – what could be dreamier? Shellfish caught here are served in the city’s restaurants, which means they’re fresh and extremely delicious.

To Wrap It Up

Maryland’s landscapes offer something for everyone, whatever your preferences and tastes are. From bigger cities to the cozy countryside to mountains and beaches – aren’t they all quite impressive for such a small state? Here, you will find everything you want: the historical atmosphere and spirits of the past, the harmony of beach towns and the connection to wildlife. Maryland is also perfect for gourmets who adore seafood. Come to Maryland once, and you will want to come back again and again!

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