A Parent’s Dream – A Smart Crib That Replicates A Car Ride

Most parents coincidentally discover the advantage of a car ride, after they put their fussy infant in a car seat, drive a mile down the road, turn around and he/she is sound asleep. This is because the subtle vibrations, repetitive passing patterns and hum of the engine soothe the central nervous system. Motivated by this idea, Ford created a crib that will emulate these sounds and motions.The Max Motor Dreams features LEDs, a speaker and soothing vibration and rocking motions, everything needed to mimic a car ride. The crib has its own app, which can track a vehicle’s route and reproduce the movements from the drive for the baby. For those interested in the crib, a test drive of the Ford Max will be required to enter a sweepstake for a chance to win it.

For further information visit Ford’s Max Motor Dreams website.

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