A Lawyer’s Guide to Running an Effective Pay-Per-Click Campaign

Have you seen the latest data from the American Bar Association?

Only 68% of lawyers have a mobile-ready site, while less than 50% of law firms invest in marketing. 48% of legal professionals rely on traditional marketing like event sponsorship, followed by Facebook at 33%.

So, what’s missing from the data?

Pay-per-click advertising!

Commonly known as PPC, pay-per-click strategies position law firms for maximum online visibility.

What lawyers are missing is 93% of consumers discover local services through search engines. Thus, PPC is the ideal digital strategy for lawyers.

Learn how to craft a pay-per-click campaign that drives new consultations and clients.

Think Like a Potential Client

Step into the shoes of potential law firm clients. What initial steps would you take to find a lawyer?

You may start by asking friends and family, acquiring a referral. Next, you might research that referral online.

If you were that referral, you’d want a robust Google presence with the following data:

  • #1 organic search results for your brand name
  • Google Maps listing
  • Google business listing (with knowledge card)
  • Law firm reviews
  • Top-rated Avvo profile

Round out your presence with a top-ranking Google Ads presence. Google Ads is the search engine’s own PPC platform. Lawyers bid on keywords, positioning law firm websites above organic results.

Keyword Research for Law Firms

Ranking for your own brand is easy. Go further and uncover other questions clients would ask to find a law firm. This step is the first stage of keyword research.

For example, suppose someone is looking for a personal injury lawyer. Questions (or keywords) they might input include:

  • How to get a personal injury lawyer
  • Personal injury lawyer (followed by a city)
  • Personal injury lawyer near me
  • Personal injury lawyer fees
  • Personal injury attorney
  • Personal injury lawsuit timeline

What do these searches tell you about the potential client?

They’re looking for local expertise, costs, and timetables.

PPC campaigns are best for consumers who are looking to act quickly. Thus, targeting “personal injury lawyer” with an accompanying city is a good place to start. This strategy is also called local SEO.

However, keyword research is a lot of work. Plus, you need the latest SEO analytics tools. Click here for more resources on growing law firm PPC campaigns quickly.

A Stellar Pay-Per-Click Campaign Inspires Instant Action!

PPC isn’t blogging. You only have a few words to make an impact.

If you only had one sentence to sell your law firm, what would you say?

Ideas include:

  • Highlighting top benefits of your law firm
  • Pledging that your firm fights for its clients
  • Promoting free legal consultations
  • Touting its award-winning achievements
  • Encouraging leads to call NOW
  • Mentioning fast injury settlement recovery

Google lets you customize search ads with click-to-call features. Thus, leads don’t have to visit your website to call. This benefit also underscores the value of mobile web design.

Optimize Your Law Firm’s Marketing Strategy

Start putting your online presence to work. Make the most of pay-per-click campaign strategies to generate awareness, calls, and consultations for your firm. Professional PPC for lawyers is also a click away!

Arm yourself with the latest tips, tricks, and strategies. Discover even more trending topics for curious minds.

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