6 Ways Freelancers Can Manage Time Easily With Time Tracking Tool

One of the few challenges of working as a freelancer is that you lose track of time. Consequently, many of you find yourselves juggling between tasks and, in worst cases, missing deadlines too. So while scouting content ideas and cooking may be your thing, it can get complex in the long run. Luckily, freelancers can manage time effectively using tools like invoicing software and time tracking software. 

Well, we understand that you think that keeping count of your time may lead to huge bills for your clients, and they may ghost you. However, invoicing software can help you better manage your time and generate estimates and invoices in a few seconds.

Tips To Manage Your Freelance Work With A Time Tracking Tool 

Here are some ways you can use time tracking software to manage your work. 

1. Set Reminders 

We understand that it can become difficult to keep track of the timer when you have tons of other things to juggle. But, reminders are a great way to kickstart your work. 

The idea is to set reminders on your phone to help you remember that you need to turn your alarms on and off. As soon as an alarm rings, you can take brief work and ensure that you stay focused on tasks. Freelancers can manage time effectively using tools like time management and invoicing software. 

If you feel that you are distracted, a time tracking software will help you gauge your time spent and even take breaks. Besides, you can generate estimates and invoices in a few seconds. 

2. Select Productivity Apps 

Most productivity and time tracking apps can be used as a plug-in, mobile app, or desktop app version. Subsequently, you can use it across multiple devices. You can also use it to make timesheets and submit them with your invoice. This will act as proof of your calculated time and effort. 

3. Streamlining Invoicing Process 

Once you have all billable hours at your fingers, the next step is to make great invoices. Invoicing software can generate estimates and invoices in few seconds and help you manage different clients spread across different organizations. 


Besides, freelancers can manage time effectively using tools and track their invoices as and when they are submitted. For example, you can choose to use a time management software that automates the invoice generation process or set a day aside to make invoices for clients.

4. Maintain Records 

You can simplify your invoicing process by making a neat set of records. Then, when you know the amount to be paid, the payments that have already been made, and follow-ups done, you will be easily able to report your income during tax season.  

Besides, it helps you understand the time you spent on projects and reduce it for future projects. You can even choose to adjust your rates and estimates accordingly using a project estimation software. 

5. Charge Adequately 

While you may be tempted to lower your charges for a bulk project, it is not a great idea in the long run. Whenever a client requests a project, you must make sure to give the right estimates and keep the client updated on any delays in the project. As a result, you will be able to build a solid rapport with your clients and avoid any surprise charges. 

Besides, correct billing ensures you are paid fairly for the work you do. Moreover, when you stay firm and have the right expectations, you increase your chances of getting high ticket clients and boosting your career. 

6. Schedule Work Times 

With so many tasks demanding your attention, doing deep work can become difficult. While it is not an issue for office goers as they have set hours to get their work done, it can get difficult for freelancers. However, freelancers can manage time effectively using tools like project estimation software and, set aside time blocks, and easily manage their billing hours. 

It will remind your household members that you would not like to be interrupted during these hours. Moreover, you will be able to reduce distractions and improve the quality of your work. Furthermore, it will become easy to focus on your tasks. 

Wrapping Up

This post was all about how freelancers can manage time effectively using tools like time tracker and invoice management software. You can generate estimates and invoices in few seconds with invoicing software, improve your financial stability and build a successful business. 

Confused between the best apps, let us help you find one and take your business to the next level! 

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