Relationships Under Quarantine

5 Technologies Helping Bisexuals Improve Relationships Under Quarantine

Quarantine seemed fun when it just started. Taking a break from the world was a good idea for many. Millions thought they’d been living a similar lifestyle anyway. But it didn’t take long to realize how quarantine hurts people. Still, we’re blessed with all the technology, so we can still socialize. Not only that, we can meet new people. More importantly, we can build relationships without seeing partners in person. Of course, the meeting is the goal, but when there’s a higher power, such as the pandemic, it’s better to use what we can. And technology makes a lot of that possible, especially for bisexuals.

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Dating Sites to Meet Like-Minded People

Before the next technological breakthrough happens, dating sites will be the best way of meeting new people. Niche sites simplify the process because they let people connect with like-minded singles. Straight people won’t join bisexual sites because they know no one there is their match. But bi-songles know that being on the site for bisexual dating opens many possibilities. For starters, every other member is someone they can talk to, meet, date, and hook up with. Browsing other singles on the site and getting in touch with people is also easy. Modern algorithms and AI save let bisexuals on the site find better hookup matches sooner. No one is worried about not finding a partner online nowadays. The problem is finding quality partners, and technology helps there.

Modern Gadgets for Combining Intimacy and Safety

We all know that meeting someone and chatting on a dating site is only the beginning. It doesn’t matter if you’re seeking a hookup or something real; you have to build a relationship before meeting in person. Exchanging photos and videos online is great for flirting, but there are other ways to connect online. And even to put your money where your mouth is, quite literally.

PlayStation 4

Yes, PS5 is out. Yes, it’s great. But most people don’t have it. That keeps PS4 on top, at least for a while. Playing video games online is a great way of socializing during quarantine. It helps couples stay in touch and spend quality time together. Our pro tip is to pick slower games, such as Civ 6 if you’re a bisexual couple. The slow pace of the game lets you chat and spend hours together. That reveals a lot about someone’s personality, so Civilizations 6 might be the perfect online game for new couples.

Smart Bracelets and Rings for Couples

Bracelets and rings for couples are better for building relationships. They don’t have any features that’d make a gadget geek cry tears of joy. However, they’re great because they let you know when your partner thinks about you. Couples wearing those accessories touch the screen, and their partners get notified. Usually, a light turns on.

Pillow Talk

One of the best parts of being in a relationship is sleeping next to someone special. Falling asleep while your partner’s breathing and heartbeat calm you down is a special feeling. Pillow talk mimics that, so couples in quarantine can still sleep together. That smart bracelet sends your heartbeat to your partner in real time. To this day, that’s the closest we got to long-distance sleeping for couples.

The Hug Shirt

It’s said that we need at least eight hugs every day to keep our energy healthy. Regardless of whether you believe in that or not, you know how powerful hugs from someone you love are. That’s why many bisexual couples who can’t see each other claim they miss hugs more than anything. Then, The Hug Shirt enters the scene and lets people hug each other remotely. It means your partner can send you a strong hug during an important Zoom call or before bedtime.

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