5 Best B2B Digital Marketing Channels Strategies to Leverage Your Business

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B2B digital marketing strategies primarily focus on outbound and direct marketing techniques. It is still possible to send straightforward messaging, cold calls, and connection requests to prospects who have been screened thoroughly. But below are some advanced options worth considering: Email, Web push Notifications, Ads, SMS, social media, etc.   

With this approach, it’s important to make a good impression with the first message to the prospect’s interest. These strategies are used by almost every B2B digital marketing agency to leverage your business in today’s competitive industry. So, the following are the 5 best B2B digital marketing channel strategies you must opt for.

  • Create impressive landing pages

In B2B marketing, landing pages are the number one way to get new leads. It is not easy to create one that works and effectively converts because they are usually the core of the strategy.

However, in any case, while planning your next strategy, you must include a landing page. Here are some tips on how you can make it as effective as possible: define your buyer persona, choose a single goal, Perform A/B testing, and create a traffic-generating strategy.

  • Opt for social media marketing

B2B companies can also benefit from social media, even though it’s the preferred channel for B2C businesses. Brand awareness and community building can be achieved with B2B marketing through social media. Your efforts will be most effective if you choose the right platform for you.

For instance, LinkedIn was created with the sole purpose of facilitating connections between professionals worldwide. If businesses align their objectives with the type of content that rules each social media channel, then they can have a place on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and new platforms like Clubhouse.

  • Do marketing via SMS

SMS is a key component of B2B’s digital marketing strategies. Many times, this approach is overlooked because it is viewed only as applicable to B2C marketing. Don’t forget that people use their phones for work, scheduling meetings, and finding information.

Up to 70% of B2B searches are conducted via mobile devices, as per the latest study. So, because of this, companies need to reach their prospects where they are on their phones.

With automated SMS sequences, you can easily schedule meetings, events, reminders, or new updates that help you add value to your prospects and help them make smarter decisions.

  • Perform email marketing campaigns for B2B

Emails are one of the most effective marketing tools. The trend has been long standing, and it seems that it will continue to be so, especially in B2B. Based on a survey, email marketing is the second-most effective method for creating brand awareness among small businesses.

Make your email campaigns stand out by automating them. As you establish different scenarios that fit your funnel, you can create automated email sequences. However, they differ from regular emails because they are automated and triggered by user behavior.

For example, they are sent when a prospect downloads a case study from a landing page. An automated email will follow a few days later, triggered by their actions, inviting them to schedule a follow-up meeting to discuss in greater detail your solution and what it can do for them. The message can be hyper-personalized with a number of sequences as needed. 

So, if you want to perform seamless email marketing campaigns, seek professional help from an experienced digital marketing agency.

  • Opt for web push notifications

Retargeting via web push notifications is one of the newest channels B2B companies can use. The messages allow businesses to provide helpful and relevant information to prospective customers that will help them move through the sales funnel.

Website push notifications fall into two categories: Automated campaigns and Manual campaigns.

Web push notifications are attractive because they do not require visitors to share any type of personal information, like their contact number or email IDs. Upon seeing the opt-in prompt, they just need to click “Allow” to become a subscriber. 


As a result of new technologies, the expansion of the internet, and increasing competition, prospective clients are more concerned with evaluating their options. So, when you have succeeded in catching their attention with a cold email or phone call, they will surely conduct their own search to find out more about you before continuing the conversation. Thus, the importance of broadening B2B marketing channel strategies cannot be overstated.

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