5 benefits of looking at real estate in Allandale vs. Houston

Are you considering moving to Texas for your next phase in life? If so, you might be debating where the best place to move for your next endeavor is. Would you want to move to a big city or would you rather live in a quiet suburb? Do you want an eclectic and art-friendly city, or do you like the conservative Texan views? By taking various factors into account -such as the price of the housing market, the job market, the people, the outdoor space, and the amenities – you can figure out where you want to look for a new house.

We recommend checking out real estate in Allandale, tx – this friendly and vibrant area is one of the best alternatives to the big cities of Houston or Dallas, you can click here to get more information about Allandale. Unlike the exorbitant prices in Houston and the lack of growth in the job market, you can enjoy looking at the cheaper prices on real estate in Allandale that are perfect for young couples and young professionals.

5 benefits of real estate in Allandale – why YOU should move here

Are you debating moving to Allandale, TX? If so, consider looking at the various features of this neighborhood that make it a desirable place to move, such as the current living conditions, demographics, housing prices, number of schools, safety ratings, and amenities. 

Walkable score

One of the main reasons that you should consider moving to Allandale is that it is still walkable and bike-able despite being farther out of the city than Houston. You can own a car if you live in the suburbs, but if you don’t have enough money for a car, you can enjoy the walks around the area, biking on the local bike paths, and the Capital Metro public transportation system that is easy to use and inexpensive.

Good school systems

In Allandale, TX, you can rest assured that your kids are going to good schools. You can choose from schools that have many sports programs, high education programs, and diversity. Highland Park Elementary School is one of the best options in the entire district.

Recreational opportunities

When looking at real estate in Allandale, TX vs. Houston, you will find that your children will be safe, have plenty of recreational opportunities, and have the chance to explore outside. There are many parks, walking trails, and sports teams to get involved with.

Dining options

Although Allandale, Texas isn’t necessarily a big city like Houston, you can still enjoy the must-have features that are present in a city, such as the food options, walkability score, and nearby shops. There are plenty of eateries in Alandale for you to enjoy, like Dos Batos Tacos and Hopdoddy Burger bar.

Housing market

The last reason to look at real estate in Allandale, TX is the housing market. The market here is always growing, unlike other cities like Houston. The median home price is just over $750,000, with 22 new listings in the past week.


Are you debating looking at real estate in Allandale, TX, or Houston, TX? If you are deciding between the two cities, then consider moving to Allandale – you will enjoy a walkable area, beneficial school systems, and safe neighborhoods. 

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