4-Year Old Girl and Grandfather Dead After Backyard Pool Accident


On Thursday afternoon, a 4-year-old girl, Aryannah, was swimming in a neighbor’s backyard pool. Neighborhood children joined Aryannah at the Severna Park, Maryland pool. Soon, things would go terribly wrong. Aryannah was unable to swim. She haphazardly jumped into the deep end of the neighbor’s pool. That is when Aryannah began to struggle.

Anne Arundel County officials report that the girl’s grandfather, 51-year-old Lemuel Kane, dove in after her. Unfortunately, he began struggling soon thereafter. At that time, the other children rushed to notify Aryannah’s great-grandmother, who immediately rushed to the scene. She discovered both victims at the bottom of the pool and dialed 911.

Aryannah Wooton
Image: CBS Baltimore

Once rescuers rushed to the scene, they pulled the victims from the pool and rushed them to the hospital. They were pronounced dead upon arrival.

According to the CDC, rough ten people die from unintentional drowning each day. Of the ten, two are estimated to be children between the age 14 or younger.

Both the grandfather and Aryannah could not swim, reported CBS Baltimore.

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