3,500 people are without power after cold front blasted Baltimore area

Strong winds were all across Baltimore. Around 3500 people had to stay without powder on Monday morning. A tree fell in the Charles Village on Friday afternoon time. This incident further led to the damage of cars and an apartment building. 3500 Baltimore gas and electric customers had to survive without power and then post an Arctic cold front that blasted on the Baltimore region on Friday. It is reported that power outages are scattered throughout Baltimore City and various other surrounding counties. Compared to whatever happened on the late evening of Friday, tens of thousands of customers were without power.

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Customers are advised to conserve electricity.

PJM Interconnection, the electric grid operator BGE belongs to, had rolled out a piece of advice to the customers to conserve electricity. This is because the grid and power plants are strained by the cold. Customers are advised to reduce their electricity use between 4 a.m. and 10 a.m. Also, they are said to set their thermostats lower than usual while postponing the usage of various electric appliances like stoves, dishwashers and clothes dryers. They are even asked to turn off their nonessential electric lights, equipment and other appliances.
Have a look at the number of customers affected by county till Monday morning:
Anne Arundel County: 196
Baltimore City: 224
Baltimore County: 2,811
Howard County: 84
Harford County: 103
Carroll County: 59
Baltimore has five warning centres to assist people with power outages during cold weather. There are two 24-hour warning centres at the Eastern Family Resource Center in Rosedale and the Woodlawn Community Health Center. Wind speed reached 50 mph, and the gusts were as high as 40 mph to hit the Baltimore area on Friday.

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