2 Facts about Shim Hye-jin

Shim Hye Jin was a model during the initial days of her career, where she bagged various coveted and promising roles. Notably, she starred in a Coca-Cola commercial in the 1980s that became such a rage among youth considering her charisma and how elegantly she carried herself with a grace that every eye used to strike at her skills depicting the promotion of the cold drink. It was due to the popularity that the sales saw a rise. The commercial gave him the tagline “Woman Like Cola.” 

The proven skills in the ad gave her enough exposure 

So, the journey started with an ad and began to rise further. In 1989 even the directors knew a promising actress would hit the movie. She worked in the film, “Lost Love,” and everyone was right. 

No, looking back for her:

Awards are the reason that motivates anyone. It is the most natural way of cheering and inspiring the person. The same goes for the actress who got various awards in her career. Her peak career has been full of shining stars, where she won many awards in television dramas and films for her graceful and natural acting that sets her apart from the rest. Another list of roles is worth mentioning, too, such as in “Secret Love Affair” (2014), “Kill Me, Heal Me” (2015), and “Midnight Diner” (2015), among many more. She has also played a supporting role in the Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (2017)

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