12 Members Of ‘Square Gang’ Charged With Firearms Offenses And Racketeering


Acting Attorney Joon H. Kim announced Tuesday 12 members of a Bronx street gang were charged with firearms offenses and racketeering conspiracy.

“Square Gang” is a violent street gang in the Bronx. The criminal enterprise has a history of committing a wide range violent acts, including attempted murder and murder, as well as drug trafficking and robberies.

  • Hector Figueroa, aka “Hec”
  • Damar Morales
  • George McKelvey, aka “Tyleek”
  • Tavon Godfrey, aka “Tay”
  • Juan Castillo, aka “Obama”
  • Quadae Berger, aka “Icy Day”
  • Joseph Ratti, aka “Yum Yum”
  • Rakim Mosely
  • Curtis Clark, aka “Tom”
  • Reggie Goodwin
  • Britain Kelly, aka “Brit”
  • Jarel Sable, aka “Shoes”

Godfrey, Morales, Figueroa, Castillo, McKelvey, Ratti, Goodwin, Mosely, Kelly, Clark and Sable were charged with carrying and using firearms, which were discharged in connection with a narcotics conspiracy and racketeering conspiracy.

Acting U.S. Attorney Joon H. Kim said: “As alleged in the indictment, these gang members wreaked havoc in the Patterson Houses in the Bronx for years. Thanks to the terrific work of the NYPD and the DEA, the defendants will now face justice in federal court and the Patterson Houses will be safer.”

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