12 Best Free Online Movie Streaming Sites UK 2021

Morningside Maryland : The online world offers the most in-depth, explained, and highly informative platform where ‘Google’ addresses most of our queries with perfection. In such a scenario, it is not hard to get the requisite information relating with many available streaming services which give profound opportunity of watching movies online. There are different costs associated during the time of buying the subscription of Sky or Netflix, in case you are unable to find free streaming sites. Although, you have come across few advertisements where some of the streaming sites offer limited-time free trials, these services give a respite overall, but they don’t come in the purview of being free. 

Luckily, there are free streaming sites which also offer blockbusters and certainly not those old classics dating 100 years before. However, there is another scenario which is more pleasant for users as there are free movie websites which empowers you to watch the movies without any cost and it is totally free. What’s interesting is that there are few of the blockbusters that you are able to watch for free without spending even a single pound. It is pleasantly surprising and why not, when few of the movies which you watch are associated with ‘big names’. Usually, users do get a query which they may ask from themselves, regarding the safety of such streaming sites. Well, they are not illegal torrents and piracy sites.  However, while searching online, you have to be alert regarding few websites which may redirect you to dubious destinations. This is a pure death trap for you literally, where you get pop-up windows along with spammy warnings and the content is purely illegal. It is important to express one thing that free movie streaming sites are surely legal if you are watching TV shows along with the movies in the public domain. 

In short, you should rely on a very basic and simple aspect that if you get to know that a specific site is offering “A blockbuster movie for free”, then you should immediately sense something fishy. The services which the post depicts are associated with UK. Although, many others notably with the likes of Tubi, Vudo, IMDB etc which function only in the U.S. Hence, in order to cater the needs of UK audience, the post has detailed, updated, and highly informative list of the best free streaming sites in the UK. 

The following post gives you the complete list of free streaming sites and they are legally bound where they follow all the norms to give you complete peace of mind. In order to further create a user friendly approach for the users, mostly all these sites work on the browser with the exception of Roku Channel that works by using a special app or device.

BBC iPlayer Films

BBC iPlayer which is the BBC’s on-demand player is a hub of treasure in the form of marvelous content. As per the renowned name, you can get access to different movies and programs that were aired on BBC. Additionally, it also takes due care of your specific needs thanks to the presence of on-demand library which have refreshing content for you to watch. 

A big YES to the fact that it is free (obviously you are supposed to pay for the annual TV license) Registration is simple, quick and easy as after that, you can watch movies from browser or via the BBC iPlayer app. Therefore, create moments which become memories as they are hard to be explained as you regain the lost sheen in your face out of boredom. The awesome content literally glorifies your life where you feel that you have made right decision at the right time. 

 The movies which you are entitled to watch for free includes classics as well as big Hollywood blockbusters and they change occasionally. It is really of an interest considering big names which you can watch time and again. 

Channel 4 Films

It is true that all of us have different tastes when it comes to watching specific genre of films. We have choices with respect to comedies, thrillers or dramas. Hence, in order to address the needs of one and all, Channel 4 Films categorizes the same aspect, so that there is ‘something’ for everyone. The immense collection of movies makes the platform abundant with activities where you can view the current blockbusters which will make you go ‘wow’. 

The users can access the platform via Freeview. Apart from that, it is also available on-demand view “All4” service. 

The streaming service offers the spark for users who wanted to ensure a life out of boredom where they can pass some of the quality time with either rib-tickling comedy, suspense or action and many more. Imagine that at the end of the day you have a hearty laugh or you were holding your nerves by viewing some of the most outstanding and awesome content which has made your day. Hence, there is no stopping for you in terms of creating highly cheerful times which you will dearly love and long for. 

The streaming service is free for all and requires a simple registration for you to be able to watch it right on the browser. You can also watch it through an app as it is a part of functionality which is mostly there in different apps along with mobile phones in the UK. However, you do have to face advert breaks as it is something you have to contend with. 

The Internet Archive – Feature Films 

How would you react if you happen to get things manifolds than what you would have expected? Well, you will obviously be the happiest person. Similarly, The Internet Archive offers the extensive, massive and in-depth collection of digital books, movies, games which you can’t possibly think of. 

The awesome collections of movies available are the result of the demands made by the public. Mostly, they belong to a golden period in terms of being quite old. You can view various classics one along with those unique titles, which you haven’t heard before. 

The streaming platform offers over 6,500 free movies as they belong to different genre in the form of Comedy, Sci-Fi, Film Noir etc. They can also be differentiated in terms of feature-length and shorts. You can freely watch movies directly from website or based on your preference you can download them in the form of a file, so that based on your convenience, you can watch as per your desired place. Streaming site like this, open bundle of opportunities for you where you can dive into a world of entertainment right in few clicks. 

Pluto TV

The streaming service is slightly different from the rest in the sense that it doesn’t offer on-demand movies. This platform offers exclusivity in terms of offering “Live” channels. You can access the channels through internet and they work in the form of any live TV channels. In short, you are able to access the current or “Live” streaming videos. They also associate themselves towards providing on-demand movies. The best mechanism of the channel rests in how it broadcasts 11 ‘Live’ channels ranging in different genres in the form of Sci-Fi, actions etc. You can easily watch the content on their website or view the apps. 

Plex Free Movies and Live Channels 

How effective and important the term ‘being organized’ holds in your life? Well, it is a way of making things simple and meaningful. Likewise, Plex offers an awesome way of helping users to watch their media in an organized manner. Also, they have come up with two services that provide free content in the form of ‘The on-demand Movies and TV section’ where you can view wide list of movies without paying any penny along with ‘Live section’. Although, in the UK, the streaming service hardly furnishes the movies which you have come across with, in other words, the titles aren’t something which you have heard of. However, in the US, they consist of various renowned titles. 

Importantly, they are free and you may be able to get in touch with similar titles based on the preferred niches. ‘Choices’ give us more freedom to choose considering the increasing options which we get henceforth. Likewise, The Live TV section offers many live channels which cover different topics along with niches. You can watch movies or content either via their apps or directly on the Plex website.

My5 Films

Streaming sites and their craze has gone beyond the usual expectations which was thought or perceived before. Yes, My5 Films is another freely available channel that is available on Freeview. Additionally, it also comes with on-demand service in the form of My5. You know that all it takes to turn moments into memories is the fun-filled and joyful times which you have passed. Now, the streaming site offers a mechanism where you can experience a new way of experiencing joy and fun. 

In order to access, you register for it and there are no ads. You can use the platform to watch and view the movies via the app or in a direct manner from website etc. 

Pluto TV Movies, being another streaming TV company furnishes free movies to My5. What’s innovative and fresh is the fact that you wouldn’t have heard many of the titles, so you can get in touch with refreshing content along with few of the hidden gems along with older Hollywood hits. 

The Roku Channel

How do you normally pass your free time? Well, chances are that you watch movies TV programs or movies. Also, if you have kids, then they watch content on demand. 

Well, the same aspect of providing creative shows has been well adhered and addressed by the Roku Channel. Being a free service, you have thousands of free content to watch. The streaming channel in the UK provides specific global as well as British content. Although, a big part of the movies are of yesteryears and are old, yet there are few classics that will make you spellbound. What differentiates The Roku Channel is that it only functions via the Roku streaming devices in the UK. However, in the US, if you want to watch movies, then you can view content from their website. It is expected, that the same feature will become a part in the UK in future as well. 


W4Free offers an exclusive free movie streaming service in the UK and across the Europe. Although, you will be able to watch movies free, yet you may have to contend with advert breaks. 

The site has understood the basic importance and necessities of addressing the needs of the users where it is hopeful of increasing from 500 movies on demand to 1000 movies with the end of 2021. There are various categories associated with the movies along with genre in the form of horror, crime etc. If you have high expectations of finding blockbuster movies then you won’t be able to get them here, but you do have hidden gems to watch and relish about. 


When there are ‘selections’ and ‘choices’ then you automatically as a user has never ending benefits. Likewise, Filmzie offers another enriching platform where you get the opportunity of watching free films as well as TV shows, but with advert breaks. What’s interesting and distinguishable of Filmzie over others is that it consists of various indie films. They are basically a short or feature-length film which doesn’t use a big production studio. Hence, it is usually a low-budget movie. Now, as you watch the content, the production house receives payment by Filmzie in accordance to the views generated. So, indirectly you are supporting the people associated in creating the movie. 

There is wide selection of movies that you wouldn’t have probably heard of.  Well, these movies are usually created by independent creators. Either you can watch from the site itself or through selection of apps which range from mobile phones, Samsung TVs, Amazon Fire TV etc. 

Top Documentary Films

Documentary Films offer a bundle of learning experience as they may run in series or shorts and are categorized in various niches in the form of sports, health, nature along with other list. 

Although, the user interface is slightly difficult to negotiate, but that seems to have been compensated by the explained and informative description of the documentary which also offer reviews and ratings. Hence, you can watch the preferred movies accordingly. You will realize that a big chunk of movies are embedded from YouTube. However, it is appreciative of the fact that someone has actually taken time to curate the selections so as to systemize things.  

Films for Action

Do you know that documentaries can become a perfect source of medium for users to learn and know about wide aspects in the form of racism, economics, politics, gender etc? Likewise, Films for Action offers an awesome collection of documentaries where they seem to address the basic goal of empowering the citizens with necessary information so that it helps in creating a sustainable and democratic society. There are over 4000 documentaries from feature-length films to shorts and clips as they are concentrated in various categories such as racism, economics, politics, gender and many others. 

There have been reports about the interface being slightly confusing, but when you go deep into the functionalities and features, you know what you are getting. 

A big part of the titles which are there in the library don’t have adverts. However, there are exceptions in the form of few sites namely Patreons which are only viewable when you actually donate while there are others where you have to pay in terms of viewing every single title. 


YouTube, is the most emphatic, cherished and renowned name in the world when it comes to providing various free movies. Yes, you can surely stream them without paying even a single penny. However, they become difficult to be found.  YouTube also offers a platform where millions of titles and clips make entry to the platform. There are also those movies which find an illegal entry and it becomes difficult to distinguish regarding things which are under copyright or not.  

However, sky is the limit when it comes to watching free movies (specifically older movies). It is best to experience to what you actually want to see as there are various free films which throws open a world for you to enjoy and relish.

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