11 People Charged In Connection With DEA Investigation, Heroin Was Packaged In Luxury Apartment In Locust Point

Inside a McHenry Row apartment in Locust Point, Eric Adams packed heroin into plastic bags and sealed it. At the same time, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) watched through a closed-circuit feed.

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In March, DEA agents tracked an alleged co-conspirator, Claudis Lassiter, to the $2,200-a-month apartment. Discovery of the illegal drug operation prompted agents to request authorization to install video equipment inside the apartment.

Eleven people, including Adams, were charged with being part of a drug conspiracy. The U.S. District Court unsealed the indictment on Friday.

Adams is currently being held in federal custody.

The defendants rented the apartment under a fake name, utilizing earning statements from a business that could not verified and a fictitious driver’s license. The contact number was later verified to belong to a “1-800” free cruise giveaway line, authorities say.

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After the DEA agents obtained a covert entry warrant or “sneak and peak” warrant, they entered the apartment and discovered a 20-ton hydraulic press, heat sealing bags, a scale, plastic gloves, and metal sifters, all of which are connected with drug packaging, DEA agents said.

On May 10, Adams packaged heroin for over five hours while DEA agents looked on. During a raid, suspected allergy medicine, fentanyl, and heroin were recovered, records show.

The drug operation has ties to North Carolina, South Carolina, and Western Maryland. One of the defendants seen meeting with Adams was later arrested in Hagerstown. Some of the defendants are also facing gun charges.

DEA agents executed search warrants on May 19 for properties in Owings Mills and Glen Burnie. They were also trying to locate a vehicle driven by Lassiter.

When DEA agents approached Lassiter, he hopped into a Honda Odyssey in an attempt to flee the area but instead rammed the vehicle into one of the agent’s vehicles. A .380-caliber semi-automatic handgun, six cellphones, and large stacks of cash were discovered in the spare tire compartment and front passenger seat compartment, court records show.

In 2007, Lassiter was indicted in a cocaine conspiracy case. He was found guilty and sentenced to five years in federal prison.

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