10 Summer Bucket List Ideas For Your Teen, 2022

Each year, teenagers eagerly await the arrival of summer break. Longer days, warmer weather and no school mean endless opportunities for adolescent fun. Encourage your teen to make the most of the summer by creating a bucket list. Use the ideas below for inspiration. 

  1. Explore a Nearby City

Even if you live in or close to a city, there are bound to be plenty of spots your sprouting adult has yet to discover. An electric bike for teens is a safe and unique way to enjoy the sights.

  1. Play a Summer Sport

Many schools and towns host summer sports leagues. Your teen can also opt for a more casual setting and participate in activities like frisbee or beach volleyball.

  1. Earn Money

Though some teens may bristle at the idea of working during the summer, a seasonal job is a great way to learn responsibility and earn cash, often alongside peers. If family plans or other obligations make it challenging to commit to a set work schedule, your teen can do odd jobs, such as mowing lawns.

  1. Get a Hobby

Hours of free time and loads of energy offer the perfect chance for teenagers to focus on a hobby. Let them indulge their current interests or take up an entirely new hobby.

  1. Bike Ride to a Bonfire

Nothing says summer like sitting around a fire, roasting marshmallows and telling ghost stories. Your teen can ride with friends on their cruiser bikes to a space that allows bonfires.

  1. Head to a Music Festival 

Whatever genre your kid likes, there will be a music festival for them to enjoy. Good food, good music, and good friends make for a fun-filled summer day.

  1. Hang Out With a Younger Sibling

Younger siblings tend to revere their older brothers and sisters and relish spending time with them. Create opportunities for meaningful sibling bonding throughout the summer.

  1. Volunteer Your Time

Your teenager likely has skills and interests that can be channeled toward the greater good. Animal lovers can volunteer with a rescue organization. An avid bike rider can deliver groceries to seniors. Plant the do-gooder seed in your teen’s head by asking how they might be able to contribute to the community.

  1. Check Out a New Camping Site

Teens often prefer to spend time with friends, but it’s still important for them to connect with family. Take the whole crew camping to a new destination.

  1. Watch the Sunset

Pack a blanket and snacks, and find the best spot to watch the sunset. You can choose whether to share this with your teen, but watching the sunset can boost gratitude and help you sleep better. Who doesn’t love a good parenting trick disguised as a fun activity?

Teenagers can get themselves to many summer activities by riding a bike. It’s the ideal mode of transportation for kids who crave freedom and parents who are not quite comfortable turning over the car keys. When shopping for bikes for teens, browse models that are both stylish (because teenagers need to feel cool) and reliable (because you need to sleep at night). With the right bicycle, your teen will be cruising into a memorable summer.

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