10 Alternative songs you wish you could hear for the First Time Again

Do you remember the first time you had discovered a new band or heard a new song? You must if you would have found out something worth remembering and that song would have forced you to replay button. Music has a different kind of world which hardly anyone knows and hardly anyone remembers and it just leave you awe-stuck. Those who listens music and loves it by heart they know beauty of it. 

From romantic to Sufi every song is distributed in different categories and they all are kind of beautiful and MTV‘s TRL is also about to be launched. Fall Out Boy has taken attention since it got turned into videos like ‘’sugar, ‘We are Goin Down’, and ‘A Little Less Sixteen candles, A Little More ‘touch me’. Now people are really so excited and they are looking ways to listen them and share their reviews on it. 

Here are really some of songs you can discover and enjoy and ‘Bowling For Soup’ is one of them.  This one has definitely added star to the world of music.  ‘Almost’ is a pop- punk track and it would also resonate with anyone who would listen that. Actually, this song is about a high school student how they struggle everyday there. Then there are songs like ‘All Time Low- ‘Damned if I Do Ya (Damned If I don’t)’. Fans have also adored to ‘taking Back Sunday’ since ‘Cute without The ‘E’ (Cut From The Team) and these songs are really awesome. This song although is a flavour of good taste and whenever anyone listens it, it soothes ear and make people think that they are listening it to the first time. 

Song like ‘Liar’ (It takes one to know one) is also one of the songs anyone would say they are listening for the first time.  ‘Senses Fail’ also one of the best song people said they wished they listened it at the first place. ‘All we Know Is Falling’ is the LP and it has also brought Paramore into their fans lives. There are number of songs which are always on the list of many people and they confessed that they wished, they could have heard it on the very first time. There is one song ‘No Doubt’ and it is from 90s track (1995) album. Tragic Kingdom is from this album and it is also one of song people wished for this song. But even when they have got to listen this list lately, it did not hurt them. In fact, these songs really surprised them and made them pay more attention and listen more songs.  So the list is long and they are full of beautiful, melodious lyrics and everyone who has got to listen them at the first place. They all agreed on this note that they wish they find good songs very soon. So go and discover this list and enjoy your time and let others too.

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