1 dead, 15 injured in downtown Silver Spring apartment fire

A three-alarm fire broke recently into an apartment building on Saturday morning. The location was in Silver Spring, Maryland. One woman died in the fire incident, while 15 people were injured in the blaze. The authorities recently reported that one person was in critical condition while the casualties were figured out after the incident. He even mentioned that several hundred residents were immediately hospitalized after the fire took over! The fire is said to have originated in the living room of a 7th-floor apartment. It caused approximate damage of an amount of 2 million. Moreover, it is also said to have displaced around 400 residents.
One woman, along with several pets, died in the fire
Three firefighters who reported at the site immediately after that were said to have injuries that got treated
The crews responded to the calls at approximately 6 am

Pets were also reported in the casualty list that led to the fire

One car and two dogs also died in the fire, as per the Montgomery County Fire & Rescue spokesman Pete Piringer who had reported it to the media. 3 out of the 100 firefighters who responded to the fire got nonlife-threatening injuries. However, that was further treated, and then they were released. The crews responded to the call at the Arrive Silver spring apartment complex at around 6 am. Although firefighters could burn the flame, the smoke remained all around the building.

Rescue crews help residents during an emergency.

Maryland News

Piringer said that the building had faced a lot of chaos during the incident as they witnessed a significant fire on the 7th floor led by heavy black smoke alongside the heat. Rescue crews helped the residents get out of the building while some heat was trapped in the hallways and balconies. A resident said they had been on the balcony because there was too much smoke along the stairs. A resident, Stephen Wikes, noted that his eyes were watering up, and he couldn’t breathe through the thick and wild smoke that was captured all around!

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