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Women Are At A Higher Risk Of Alcohol-Related Issues

Alcohol consumption poses risks on women’s health, especially, when you calculate the type of beverage, frequency, and total amounts consumed.  Drinking patterns in women and men differ and the body’s response to the alcohol is also significantly different. Since the … Continue reading

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Study: Fever During Pregnancy Linked To Increased Risk Of Autism

A new study conducted by researchers at the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University in New York discovered autism risks increased simultaneously with the number of fevers reported by mothers after 12 weeks of pregnancy. The risks increased … Continue reading

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Baby’s Facial Development May Be Altered In Utero By A Small Amount Of Alcohol Exposure

A new study conducted by researchers from Australia and Belgium suggests that there is no safe level of alcohol consumption during pregnancy. The findings reveal that even an occasional drink of alcohol can affect an infant’s facial development. The research … Continue reading

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Nationwide Recall Launched By The FDA On Mibelas 24 Fe Birth Control Pills

The Food and Drug Administration announced a nationwide recall on a brand birth control tablets, Mibelas 24 F-E. The action is related to a packaging error, where the pills are “rotated 180 degrees within the wallet, reversing the weekly tablet … Continue reading

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New Research Reveals Antibiotics Are Associated With Increased Risk Of Miscarriage

A team of Danish researchers conducted a study to determine if there is a link between antibiotics and miscarriage. The findings reveal that miscarriage increases by an estimated 60 percent in women, who consume antibiotics throughout pregnancy. The researchers focused … Continue reading

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New Medicine May Reduce Maternal Death Related To Postpartum Hemorrhage

More than 300,000 women die each year in low and low-middle income countries. These deaths occur during childbirth or pregnancy and are primarily related to postpartum hemorrhage (PPH). The key element to preventing PPH is a drug called oxytocin, which … Continue reading

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