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Study: Researchers Discover A New Technique Capable Of Closing Thousands Of Gene Simultaneously

Researchers at Johns Hopkins partners with researchers at the University of Trento in Italy, Rutgers and Harvard Medical School to examine new ways to isolate more protein-coding DNA sequences. The proof-of-concept study rendered a new molecular technique that would allow … Continue reading

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“What Is My Prognosis?” Why Cancer Patients Are Not Receiving Honest Answers

Today, expensive, modern cancer treatments are mushrooming quickly, providing patients with more therapy options than ever before. However, cancer patients are for the most part kept in the dark about their illness, because their physicians won’t or can’t communicate clearly. … Continue reading

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New Harvard Study Combines Radiation And Nanoparticles To Combat Cancer

A new study conducted by researchers at Harvard Medical School reveals that by pairing nanoparticle-delivered cancer therapies with radiation, it is possible to make it six times more effective. Injecting nanoparticles, a very small molecule of medicine, near tumors that … Continue reading

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