Governor Larry Hogan Directs Frosh To Sue FAA Over NextGen Flight Patterns

Some residents living near BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport have been living with excessive noise, since the implementation of the Federal Aviation Administration’ new flight patterns two years ago.

Governor Larry Hogan instructed Attorney General Brian Frosh to sue the FAA on behalf of residents plagued by the increases in airplane noise related to the Next Generation Air Transportation System. While designed to reduce carbon emissions and fuel usage, the new flight paths are causing planes to fly extremely low in residential neighborhoods.

BWI Neighbors Filed Disputes With FAA

In a letter to Frosh, Hogan wrote he wants the Democratic attorney general to sue the FAA and Administrator Michael Huerta over newly implemented $35 bill NextGen air transportation system.

“We have heard from countless Marylanders, including many community leaders and elected officials, about this continuing problem,” Hogan wrote. “This program has made many Maryland families miserable in their own homes with louder and more frequent flights which now rattle windows and doors.”

“As elected leaders of this state, we cannot allow this situation to stand,” Hogan said.

Residents impacted by the unbearable noise are hoping Frosh files the suit. Some were afraid their pleas for help were being ignored, but this move by Hogan proves otherwise.

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