Capital Heights Man Charged With Bigamy

This week, a 49-year-old Capital Heights man was indicted on charges of being married to three different women at the same time. Steven Gardner Jr. was indicted by a Prince William County Circuit Court

A criminal complaint alleges that Gardner married three women in three different states over the period of 19 years. He failed to divorce any of those women. Gardner’s first marriage took place in Nevada in September of 1991. He subsequently married another woman in New York In February of 1998. His last marriage took place in Maryland in August of 2015.


Gardner has been charged in Prince William County, where he lived with the third woman in Dumfries until January of 2016. Police allege that the marriage license and nonexistent divorce filings are enough to prove Gardner’s guilt.

Court records show that Gardner admitted to police that he was still married to previous wives when agreeing to enter into his most recent marriages.

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