Names Of Maryland’s Top Tax Evaders Are Available To The Public

A list of Maryland’s top tax evaders are now available on the Comptroller’s official website. The list is comprised of 25 businesses and 25 individuals, who owe a total of $15.7 million in penalties, interest and unpaid taxes to the state. According to the Comptroller’s office, the businesses and individuals have failed to respond to liens that have been filed against them.


View Maryland's Top Delinquent Taxpayers

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Make Your Existing Lock “Smarter” Without Compromising On Security

Many consumers are hesitant about investing in Smart devices, because they are vulnerable to security breaches. With limited cybersecurity functionality and the additional voice activation capability, the devices become even more vulnerable. Since IoT devices utilize the Internet to communicate with each other, users are exposed to potential unprotected devices outside the home.

Device manufacturers work diligently to keep prices to a minimum, which is great for the consumer, but it doesn’t come without compromise. The devices may lack layers of encryption and antivirus software to keep the data secure.


August Smart Lock

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Birth Control Pills May Soon Be Available Without A Prescription

Each house of the Maryland General Assembly will debate and vote on a bill that would permit pharmacists to prescribe contraceptives. While the bill is still pending, researchers at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine have released the findings of a study that found oral contraceptives could safely be sold to women and teenagers without a prescription.

Women’s rights and health advocates have pushed for oral contraceptives to be sold over the counter for years. In 2012, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists argued that making “the pill” available over the counter could reduce unwanted teen pregnancy and abortion.


Women And Teenagers May Soon Be Able To Access The Pill Without A Prescription

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Proposed House Bill Would Put A Yearlong Freeze On Selling Homes To Settle Unpaid Water Bills

Maryland’s low-income are struggling to pay their water bills, with rate increases being the driving factor. On Saturday, the House of Delegates approved a legislation that would give Marylanders, who owe unpaid water bills a year’s reprieve from threat of having their homes sold.

The legislation would have a major impact in Baltimore, but would apply statewide. The practice of selling someone’s home, when they fail to pay their bill would be suspended for a full year.


Maryland House Of Delegates Approve Legislation To Delay Selling A Home To Pay Unpaid Water Bill

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Under Proposed House Bill Maryland Students Would Face Less Suspensions And Expulsions

Thursday, the House of Delegates approved bill that would put limitations on expulsions and suspensions of the youngest public school students. Under the proposed legislation, educators and disciplinarians would not be allowed to suspend or expel prekindergarten, kindergarten, first and second grade students without first taking other steps to improve their behavior.

Maryland House Of Delegates Building

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Johns Hopkins University Looking For Alternatives To Replace Animal Testing

A team at the Johns Hopkins University is questioning the usefulness of testing on mice, dogs and other animals. The team aims to determine just how useful animal testing is in predicting whether chemicals and drugs are toxic to humans.

Many advocates are pushing to end animal testing, saying the method is unethical and impractical. However, some chemicals and drugs must undergo animal testing, before human testing for safety purposes. It has not yet been determined how effective these tests are in predicting the toxic affects on humans.


Johns Hopkins University Animal Testing

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Famous Alumni Being Sought To Lobby For Baltimore Public School Funding

As Baltimore public schools face $129 million budget deficit, the Baltimore School for the Arts is reaching out to famous alumni to contact legislators and speak up publicly about the budget shortfall. The public school focuses on training musicians and actors, so it has many alumni.

An actor, who attended the Baltimore School for the Arts, Josh Charles, is the first to take up the cause. On Monday night, Charles tweeted about the funding problems faced by Baltimore public schools.


Baltimore School For The Arts

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New Math Program Launched In Harford County Leaves Students Stumped

Harford County Public School’s (HCPS) launched a new math program, enVisionmath 2.0, which has changed students’ opinion about their once favorite subject. Many of the students are finding math unbearable, saying they now hate it.

Pearson Education, the nationwide provider of standardized tests and textbook series for elementary, middle and high schools, is responsible for the creation of the new math program. Pearson is currently in a $1.2 million, four-year contract with Harford County Public Schools and provides PARCC tests in Harford County and other public school districts throughout the state.

Harford County Public Schools Launch enVisionmath 2.0

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15,000 New Jobs Created In Prince George’s County In Last 36 Months

According to data released from the State of Maryland’s Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation, 313,192 jobs were added during the Baker Administration. Over a 36-month period, an additional 15,070 jobs were added, the highest level of 3Q jobs reported in the County since 2007.


Rushern L. Baker III Prince George's County Executive

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A Washington Post Published By Prince George’s County Executive “The FBI Belongs In Prince George’s”

Prince George’s County Executive Rushern L. Baker, III recently published an OP-Ed in the Washington Post regarding the relocation of the Federal Bureau of Investigation headquarters. The County has two sites reserved for the new FBI headquarters, both have been chosen as finalists by the General Services Administration, along with a site in Springfield, Virginia.


J. Edgar Hoover Building

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